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Returns & Exchanges

Exchange and Return Policies Out of respect and to maintain the credibility gained with its consumers, the company created an exchange and return policy in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code, and thinking about making it easier for you (the customer) to obtain an effective, agile negotiation and mostly satisfactory.


​ The exchange or return process is simple, to do it simply contact one of our service channels, via email or Whatsapp and inform us of your problem


 IMPORTANT! To make the exchange/return, the order must be shown as delivered, this information can appear in the system within 48 hours, remembering that the deadline is 7 days for the return and exchange.


Defective / Malfunction Product If upon receiving the product, you identify any defect, immediately notify our Customer Service (SAC) via email or, if you prefer, by calling +1 954 9909186 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. To exchange or return a defective product, the following conditions must be observed: The product must not show signs of use or damage. The product must preferably be sent in the original packaging, accompanied by an invoice, the product and all its accessories.


 ​ Important informations Shipping in all situations described above is borne by the customer. You have up to 7 calendar days from the date of receipt to send the product to us. Returning the exchanged product is at our expense. It is essential that the registration address is correct and complete. We are not responsible for zip codes, streets, neighborhoods, numbers and different complements. If the information does not agree, the product is automatically returned to us. In places with delivery restrictions or after two unsuccessful attempts to find the recipient, the product will be available for collection at the nearest shipping agency for 5 calendar days. After that, unfortunately the order comes back to us. If the customer chooses to resend the product, the new shipping costs will be borne by him (the customer). If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our process, please send us an email to or call us on any service channel!

Payment Methods All purchase transactions are carried out through the system (SYSTEM NAME), one of the most secure systems in the world. We accept all major card brands and all payment methods available on the market.

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