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  • NO METAL EQUALIZER: It equalizes the pH and removes any discoloration residues. IT DOES NOT GENERATE CUTICLE OPENING. Anti-aging treatment. The Multi-Service No Metal Equalizer Shampoo offers you:  PH equalization with high nutritional power. Post-discoloration and pre-coloring/tinting. Elimination of heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and chlorine. Anionic cleaning (without cuticle opening). Deep removal of pigments in the color transition.
  • DEEP RECONSTRUCTION: Truss’ Deep Reconstruction Fluid is a Revolutionary Hair Regeneration Treatment which: Deeply recovers the hair strands. Repairs damage caused by chemical, mechanical and thermal processes. Strengthens the hair protection barrier. Increases hydration and shine.
  • INTENSIVE NUTRITION: Intensive hydration mask. Color protection and Anti-aging Action. Seals the cuticles, restores elasticity, shine and reduces frizz.

Perfect Balayage

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