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Indicated for highly dry and dehydrated hair. Composed of high performance active ingredients to nourish, untangle and, above all, instantly recover the strands, making them silky, with luster and regaining the level of nutrition. Blend of Miracle Oils: A complex of extracted and cold pressed vegetable oils to ensure a pure, natural oil, while still maintaining all the nutrients and vitamins. Composed of the following oils: hazelnuts, sweet almonds, Borago, wheat germ, sunflower, St. John's wort and White tea, which are rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins, especially vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant action and also rich in essential fatty acids, with an important action in the restoration and hydration of the hair fiber. Glow System: It is an active ingredient with lubricating properties and emollients. Thanks to this synergistic combination, it promotes gloss and improves dry combability. Nano Repair: Nano Repair, which consists of nanoparticles, has the ability to penetrate deep into the capillary cortex and can make connections between chains of amino acids and capillary fibers. Nano Repair even increases the resistance of the strands, surprisingly recovering hair damaged by chemical and physical processes.  



SKU: T-204
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