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Truss’ Deep Reconstruction Fluid is a Revolutionary Hair Regeneration Treatment which:
• Deeply recovers the hair strands.
• Repairs damage caused by chemical, mechanical and thermal processes.
• Strengthens the hair protection barrier.
• Increases hydration and shine.

Carob Vegan Sap: Originally from the Mediterranean, it has a high performance due to the combination of bio-functional peptides and amino acids. Biomimetic action replenishes proteins and amino acids, resulting in greater strength, improved elasticity, reduced frizz and intense hydration. Proven results of breakage reduction in 87% of cases and strand diameter increase by more than 8% in a single application.

Positive Bioactive: A unique amino acid system for hair strand composition that acts intelligently at all stages. From the cuticle to the edge of the cortex, it allows the hair strands to return to their natural behavior with extra protection against future damage. It has exclusive anti-elasticity action, and generates internal and external restructuring of the fiber capillaries, being a complete anti-breakage regenerative treatment.

DIRECTIONS: Spray onto wet hair along its length, down to the tips. Keep hair in a processing cap for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove cap, and without rinsing, apply Intensive Nutrition to seal the cuticles.

Deep Reconstruction

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