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    Recommended for curly or wavy hair, since it defines curls, controls frizz, and provides softness and silkiness.
  • Gentle Cleansing Formula For Curly Hair; Accentuate The Natural Beauty Of Curls And Waves Without Stripping Moisture And Natural Hair Oils Or Weighing The Hair Down; This Shampoo Is Gentle Enough For The Most Fragile And Damaged Of Curly Hair
  • Block Humidity And Control Frizz; Detangle Hair Easily Prevent Breakage And Further Damage From Brushing And Combing; Adds Moisture And Eliminates Dry Frizzy Hair
  • Softens And Conditions Curls; This Intensive Conditioner Softens All Curl Types And Infuses Hair With Deep Conditioning Agents For A Long Lasting Effect With A Beautiful Natural Shine
  • Key Ingredients; This Advanced Curl Formula Contains Amisil For Heat Protection; Polisil To Replenish Moisture And Elasticity; Avocado Oil For Sun Protection; Keratin To Increase Strength And Panthenol To Tone The Scalp
  • pH Balanced For Curls Waves And Coils; pH Is Extremely Important In The Care Of Curls And Too High Of Ph Can Damage Curls; This Balanced Formula Brings The Correct Nutrients And pH To Restore Elasticity And Keep Your Curl Pattern Even


SKU: T-180
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